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Doro 6530 Flip Mobile Phone with Doro Connect & Care
A practical clamshell mobile with Doro Connect & Care adding an extra element of safety over ordinary mobile phones

£103.60 £130.00
(£86.33 ex VAT) Part no: 40GSM6530
Geemarc Amplicall 10 telephone ring indicator and flasher
Geemarc Amplicall 10 telephone ring indicator and flasher

£24.36 £29.99
(£20.30 ex VAT) Part no: 40TCALL10
Geemarc CL7400 foldable wireless Headphones
hear the television again with the CL7400 wireless tv listener

          2 reviews

£118.30 £138.79
(£98.58 ex VAT) Part no: 93RG7400S


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